Graduation Day!

Hello everyone!
I hope some pictures will be interesting to you. Here is my graduation day in Russia. In this day girls dress up like in old Soviet schools. It’s a tradition. Actually in the third picture my class is on Graduation day and 1stand 2nd pictures – Last Bell Day, means no more school only exams ahead. I do have more pictures but they are only in printed mode. When my husband firstly saw these pictures he was a little in shock about uniform. As far as I know in some schools uniform is still used ( but it’s not too short).
We have so many people who follow our blog from different parts of our planet. I would like to know your opinion, if there is a uniform at schools in your country?

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  1. Anonymous | 8th Jul 14

    erm…how old were you in these pics? don't want to say anything inappropriate but you look so hot in that 1st pic

  2. | 9th Jul 14

    Thank you! I am 17 there)

  3. Ribbed Tights | 9th Jul 14

    Wow! What great pictures! I can see that you have loved pantyhose and tights for a few years now!

    In England, a lot of schools still wear uniforms, at least, where I live (but not as pretty as your uniform). The girls wearing these uniforms usually wear opaque black or navy tights and they roll the top of theirs skirts up to make them as shorts as they can (even shorter than your dress).

    I think young people now days are generally getting taller, but the uniforms have not changed, making their unifomrs look even shorter.

    If you can scan / upload more picture like these, I would be very appreciative.

    Thank you for sharing this with us … great pictures!

  4. rclosure | 9th Jul 14


  5. Stefan Lmn | 12th Aug 14

    wow you´r so cute..and you got your hot hips and tights at age 17!!
    actually we don´t have scholl uniforms in austria…at least the public sector does not require that..sometimes it has been discussed to do still is only used by some private schools
    i did not realize you were brough up in russia…hihi that might speak for your usage of nylons too..haha
    best greets
    and tY for the awesome pics

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