New profile in Instagram!

Hey! Great news! I decided to create a profile in Instagram. I hope then I can stay in touch with you more often! Anyway, I will test instagram if we get enough followers, then I guess I have to continue posting there.We deffinetely post on our blog bigger sets too! Don’t worry about that! We got messages that you havn’t seen us for a while that’s why instagram would be a great creative solution. I will post my everyday life there and you can stay in touch with us both in blog, gmail or instagram. My profile is: mypantyhosegirl 
I am waiting for you there

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  1. Anonymous | 8th Jul 14

    That's great news indeed! Will you provide the name of that Instagram profile or do you want us to find it ourselves? 🙂

  2. | 9th Jul 14

    My profile is: mypantyhosegirl

    See u there!

  3. Mirt Klaar | 9th Jul 14

    GREAT!!!!!! So lovely find you in Instagram too! (I'm ossian1961 there)

  4. Lee | 10th Jul 14

    already following you there

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