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Our instagram account has had a huge success so far and want to thank everyone for all the positive comments we have received!
Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our blog. The weather has been really good to us (finally) and we have enjoyed it and done several new sets outside, yey!
This one is from last April when we had to change from winter tyres to summer tyres. Also had to change new brake discs. Well Masha thought that this could be a great opportunity to do a funny set where she plays the mechanic. She put on her jeans shorts and a pair of Finnish Vogue Opaque Brilliante 40den in blue and got to work. Gotta love her! :).

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  1. Twilight | 21st Jul 14

    Absolutely gorgeous. Great pics. Thank you very much.

  2. 15Denier | 21st Jul 14

    Sexy as hell 0_0 Love the colour of those. Certainly makes my own nuts tighten! :p

  3. rclosure | 22nd Jul 14

    Overwhelmingly gorgeous.

  4. Anonymous | 22nd Jul 14

    If i was passing by with a car, i would have (most probably) hit some of the trees because of the view. Great pictures and excellent pantyhose-choice.

    Regards, Anyl

  5. lycralover | 22nd Jul 14

    Wonderful pictures! Your pics are always so sexy. Love it. PLEASE show us more of you in the Calzedonia black shiny hose!!! Thank you so much

  6. rclosure | 22nd Jul 14

    I love how smooth they look. 🙂

  7. Alan Jones | 22nd Jan 15

    I would like to take your shoes off and be very playful with your blue pantyhose feet.

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