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Autumish greetings from Finland! Weather is getting colder and tights are getting thicker. Lately we have been focusing on how to do videos and we have had couple excellent tips from our followers and thank you very much for that. It will take quite a while for us to master everything but little by little we will get better. Of course we haven’t forgotten photography and we will continue doing photos also. I don’t actually remember what we were doing exactly this day when we shot these photos but I remember it was a good day spent together 🙂 Maria is wearing Polish tights Gatta.






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  1. Ribbed Tights | 21st Oct 14

    Wow indeed!! What stunning tights? I have seen quite a few different types of mock-stocking tights, but nothing like this? What brand are they (it you can remember?)?

    Great pictures as ever!

    • | 21st Oct 14

      Thank you so much! These are Polish tights Gatta!

    • Ribbed Tights | 22nd Oct 14

      Thank you. I have just googles "Gatta" and found their website. They have some pretty amazing hosiery and it looks pretty high quality. What are they like to wear? What do they feel like? (sorry for all the questions)

    • | 22nd Oct 14

      No problem! Gatta has a great variety of patterns. Their opaques are really nice, quality – good! You should try them)))

  2. Anonymous | 27th Oct 14

    shiny tan videos please… mysexiestpantyhosegirl

  3. rclosure | 22nd Nov 14

    I seen a young lady wearing a pair the other day similar to hers. Couldn't keep my eyes off her legs. Almost walked into a tree. Lol

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