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One of those evenings when we decided to go out for a walk, looking for a spot to do photography. We found ourselves from a nice sport complex which had a nice green grass field and empty tennis courts. As the sun was getting down it gave us really nice lighting.
We are only starting to understand how to use the lighting more to our advantage. Sometimes the photo is a hit and sometime it’s a miss but I think by photographing more and more and just testing new stuff out we are also getting more keeper photos. At least I have noticed that I have more photos to choose from when choosing which ones to post.
Best thing is that photography has so many options. So much to learn and so many challenges. We both love to spend this time together.

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  1. Pasc Mann | 5th Oct 14


  2. Ribbed Tights | 5th Oct 14

    Nice lighting!! Love the green grass, the blue skiy and, of course, the sexy shiny tights! They look so good in the sun light.

    I especially love picture 9, where Masha has her legs slightly open and we can just see the gusset of the tights. Picture 11 with her shoes off is also nice.

  3. Maximus Ridiculous | 5th Oct 14

    Perfect, just perfect 🙂 x

  4. Curt | 6th Oct 14

    If she is as sweet as she is beautiful, you are one lucky man!

  5. Anonymous | 6th Oct 14

    Heiii !! Sulla on todella upeita kuvia! Mutta ootko koskaan kokeillut (pantyhose encasement) tyylistä sukkahousuja kokovartaloon :)?

    • | 7th Oct 14

      Kiitos ja kiva että tykkäät!
      Ollaan me vähän kaikenlaista kokeiltu, mutta tietynlaisista kuvista on vaikeampi saada sellaisia, joita voisi postata tänne. Sukkikset paitana tai sitten kokonaan peitettynä – naamiasasuna voisi mennä.

  6. rclosure | 12th Oct 14

    Lovely as always.

  7. Anonymous | 12th Dec 14

    Great legs!

  8. Anonymous | 24th Dec 14

    Luckiest guy in the world!

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