Treasure box – Our first video :)

Hi all! Since we started our blog we were asked a lot about video making.  And, finally, we are launching our first video production.

We don’t have experience in video/film making but hey, you learn by making, right? Give us your thoughts and tips in the future and don’t be too hard as it is our first time thinking how to do, what angles, fov, recording the video, editing it etc. Also suggestions for good video editing programs are welcome!

You may also subscribe to our Youtube chanel – My Pantyhose Girl, where more videos are to come.

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  1. Ribbed Tights | 12th Oct 14

    What can I say …. WOW!! Amazing! I have only ever been able to imagine Masha putting on her hose … now I can see it!! Brilliant! Love it!

    (is that enough feedback?)

  2. Pasc Mann | 12th Oct 14

    Awesome…Keep on going!

  3. Anonymous | 13th Oct 14

    Wow! Sexy as hell! Spot-on!

  4. Anonymous | 14th Oct 14

    Thank you for sharing that amazing video! I think we can expect more great publications?! This video is really WOOOHOOO !!! Maybe you can even increase the quality (resolution) and i LOVE the direct sunlight on her legs. As is, that's already one of the finest pantyhose videos I've ever seen!! Please continue in that direction!

    • | 14th Oct 14

      Thank you very much and for sure we will make more!
      As for resolution it is already at its max (1080p, click the title and open it in youtube). It was shot with the kit lens which is ok sharp but nowhere near the primes. We will try to be better next time 🙂

  5. Anonymous | 18th Oct 14

    Perfect, shiny, simply excellent. Try layers next time 🙂

  6. Anonymous | 19th Oct 14

    I've seen pantyhose being put on many times, but this video is the best ever!
    Thank you Misha, you are the Pantyhose Queen…! Keep it up 🙂

  7. Anonymous | 8th Dec 14

    No name, brand, color, denier? no info? D:

  8. Anonymous | 12th Dec 14

    Great feet!

  9. Alan Jones | 21st Dec 14

    Please more videos like this where you show your feet in tights. Thanks.

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