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Last Monday I turned one more year. That day was really amazing full of dreams and and many surprises. My husband brought me to the nice restaurant of Nepalese cuisine to celebrate this occasion. The food was delicious as usual: melting chicken in almond sauce, amazing king-prawns, fresh rice and salad. Their tandoor food is really jammy! After a beautiful dinner we decided to move to the Senate square, that is the main square of Helsinki and one of the best landmarks in the capital. By the time we arrived the square was already empty, practically with no people, that was Monday evening. We decided to make a beautiful photo set. I was wearing Wolford Satin de Luxe tights and Wolford Samantha string body which is decorated with sparkling Swarovski elements and Högl heels. The light from the projectors coming on the square gave an incredible result for our shooting.

TIGHTS: Wolford Satin de Luxe
BODY: Wolford Samantha
BAG: Chanel




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  1. go2wrona12 | 1st Nov 14

    I am happy for you to have a nice evening. You are wearing a nice contrasted black&white outfit and your pantyhose looks coal-black. You look sexy and interesting. I like also your cute, natural, red nose on some of the pictures 🙂

  2. Anonymous | 1st Nov 14

    Great pics again!
    Belated happy birthday!!!!!

  3. Anonymous | 2nd Nov 14

    Hello – As a photographer myself I have to ask: Are you willing to tell me how you did these amazing photos? I mean I could do it inside with a proper flash and softbox, but not while I was out to dinner with my girlfriend. So – can you satisfy my curiosity? The outfit is spectacular; sadly, as the cold season starts it's getting difficult for me to get my girlfriend into wearing my favourite 20 to 40 dens. But spring will come again!! Keep going! -S

    • | 9th Nov 14

      Sorry for late reply. I didn't carry any flashes with me so no softboxes. I noticed that there were nice spotlights in every corner of the cathedral so I just had to line Maria in such way that one of the spotlights would be kind of hair light and the rest would light her front.
      Maybe you can ask your girlfriend to wear some thicker or layer lighter ones 🙂

  4. Anonymous | 2nd Nov 14

    Oh sorry I forgot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ME AS WELL !!! -S

  5. Stan Laurel | 2nd Nov 14

    Happy Belated Birthday,Misha.Even Princess Kate Middleton isn't as stylish or as beautiful as you are!!You are the B-E-S-T,and a total Finnish Princess!!XX.

  6. Anonymous | 3rd Nov 14

    This is your best shoot. Can you post your pictures with a higher resolution, or zoom differents parts of your great legs. Thank you

  7. Ribbed Tights | 4th Nov 14

    Belated Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day and thank you for sharing your evening with us! The Wolford Satin de Luxe look awesome on you and the Swarovski crystal body is a beautiful touch! Fantastic set.

    PS Liking the new look blog page!

    • | 4th Nov 14

      Ribbed Tights, thank you so much! We do our best! More sets are coming soon!!!

    • rclosure | 22nd Nov 14

      Very very nice! The shine is overwhelming. Oh! And Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed!

  8. Mirt Klaar | 6th Nov 14

    Today you are one year more beautiful!!!!! Very wonderful photos, mostly the back light effect!!! Really professional shots!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Twilight | 11th Nov 14

    Absolutely astonishing. I think that's the best outfit so far! Really gorgeous. I can't say anything more.

  10. Bryan Mears | 11th Dec 14

    You are beautiful and i love your black tights

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