I love the tights which are made to look like holp-ups or stockings. Looks very stylish and trendy. Polish brand Gatta  produces different kinds of pattern tights to every taste. They have a beautiful collection on their site. I personally like catalogs because it is easier to check all the models and choose what you like the most. Today it was hard for me to choose only one model and I decided to present three.
The first is Girl-Up Model nr 12 which has 50 den part of the tights till the knees and upper part with 20 dens with gorgeous stripes and dots.





My second model is Loretta nr 97 – Fantasticly comfortable tights with beautiful rhomb forms in the upper leg area and classical thin stripes along the whole length of the legs.



Finally, the third model of Gatta is Girl-Up nr 16. Unfortunately, not available for sale on Gatta official site but you may find some similar models to your taste. The tights are black decorated with beautiful dots of grey color that makes the owner look very attractive and stylish.




Hope you can choose your favorite model of your Girl-Up Look!
1st MODEL:  Gatta Girl-Up nr 12
2nd MODEL:  Gatta Loretta nr 97 Similar here
3d MODEL: Gatta Girl-Up nr 16 Similar here
DRESS: Mango
 Gatta Girl-Up nr 12  Loretta   Girl-Up

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  1. rclosure | 26th Nov 14

    Very, very sexy and exquisite. Thank you.

  2. Ribbed Tights | 27th Nov 14

    Wow! the more you show us Gatta tights, the more I like! My favourite (although, I love them all!!) is Loretta nr 97 … they look very sophisticated and elegant – especially with you wearing them.

    The other 2 models are more fun … but, as I said, all are great tights! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous | 28th Nov 14

    Hey, found your site a little while ago and I have to say awesome photos. Tastefully done and sexy as hell! Thanks for posting your awesome gal!

  4. Mirt Klaar | 15th Dec 14

    Hello, I'd like suggest you two italian hosery brands:


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