Dégradé cherry

When cherry starts to be in blossom firstly, it shows its white flowers which are then changing into pink within the time. Nature is gorgeous. With this moving world it is a pleasure to stop and watch how the nature shows us its beauty.
I am absolutely in love with trees, flowers, sky, water – all the nature around. In spring, when the nature shows us its upraising beauty it is special. I am so fascinated that Wolford has invented Degrade tights for season 2015 which remind me of cherry tree. It is such a short moment when it starts to be in blossom and you can enjoy a little but so good that these tights can stay much much longer and remind me of the cherry tree….

Degarde tights are gorgeous on the legs: luxury, pure, irresistible, beautiful and …perfect.
When I firstly noticed these tights on Wolford on-line shop, I decided, I will get them. They are so interesting, I have never seen any model like of these. From feet they are like satin touch model of nude color,  seem like ordinary sheer 20 Den tights but then they change into pink with shadows and two lines of black on the sides. on the thighs they are again nude. The special thing is that they change with beautiful horizon of dégradé. They are so special like the cherry tree, at which I can look for ages…


TIGHTS: Wolford Dégradé tights
DRESS: Lena by Wolford
SHOES: Michael Kors
PURSE: Chanel
COAT: Mango

Dégradé tights
Lena dress
Michael Kors

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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 8th May 15

    Maria: I like to much this outfit…love tights, love flowers and love you!

  2. Ribbed Tights | 8th May 15

    Beautiful … the trees and the tights.

    Regading the tights, I have seen advertisements for Wolford Dégradé tights and, as you say, they looked very interesting, very unique. However, when you model them, they look amazing, and they almost come to life … just like the trees in spring.

    Great tights … great combination with the blue dress and coat … and great nature picture!

    PS Thank you for your replies to my previous comments. I very much appreciate you taking the time to reply!

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 10th May 15

      Ribbed tights, right, the tights look really special because of changing silhouette and they look amazing with the background. Thank you so much for your comments! We have comments in social nets but in the blog I try to answer to everyone, as the blog is really our diary. Thank you and looking forward for your future comments<3

  3. rclosure | 8th May 15

    Wow! Never seen before. Those are gorgeous…

  4. mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 10th May 15

    Thank you!

    • rclosure | 16th May 15

      I almost thought they were thigh-highs. I see their tights though. They are beautiful.

  5. Kessel Marc | 11th May 15

    First I thought: wow, a pink pantyhose. But it's looks awesome with the colours of the trees, the nature…
    I've never seen a pantyhose like this, I didn't know that it was a wolford pantyhose. I love the way you sometimes put "special" pantyhoses, because a lot of people just wear "classic" pantyhoses (they are also great, but those with a little "plus" are also really nice). Thank you for sharing this moments with us and thank you for your lovely replies 🙂

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