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Every girl is looking for her perfect summer dress. I guess, in most cases girls go with short sleeves white fluffy dresses. I love this kind of dresses too but for Scandinavian climate when we mostly have +15 Celcius temperature, I choose long sleeves dress from Zara. It is short and perfect to go out. Details are important and this time I go with Wolford Neon 40 in anthracite color. I told you already before, that this model of tights is one of my favorites because for its glossy semi-transparent look. Tights are make up for legs and every girl should give a make up not only to her face but to legs too. Don’t you think so?

SHOES: Vagabond
Neon by Wolford

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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 26th Jun 15

    Hello Mary, how are you ? True, women often neglect the care and dress your legs , regardless of the importance of a healthy leg . and the men looked much if I have to tell the truth. The dress you wear is beautiful, the Wolford are spectacular, in black my favorite and even more with ballerinas . Excellent post !!! I love to give you your first comment !!!

    • | 27th Jun 15

      Hi Fernando, thank you for your first comment! It's true tights are a make-up for legs) When it is too hot I go with 10 den tights or without but evening occasions are always with tights according to etiquette.

  2. Kessel Marc | 26th Jun 15

    Hi Maria, how are you? 🙂
    The Neon from Wolford is my favorite pantyhose. The feeling on the legs, the colour, the shiny effect… I love it when my girlfriend wears this pantyhose. She always take this pantyhose in cocoon, cosmetic or gobi, also 3 nice colours because they shine a lot in the sun :).
    I also think that every girl should make up her legs, but a lot of girls don't make it or dislike it, I can't understand it :/.
    Hope that the future will change the girl's mind :).
    Have a nice day ;).

    • | 27th Jun 15

      Hi Marc! Thank you for your lovely comment! I absolutely love Wolford neon, legs are perfect in them)))
      You should get more colors for your girl! As for me I have only black, coca, anthracite, grapewine and gobi in neon for now.

      Have a nice day too!

  3. Neil Schaffer | 26th Jun 15

    There's a lot of us guys who enjoys wearing beautiful dresses. And of course wearing pantyhose and tights. Just as well

  4. Neil Schaffer | 26th Jun 15

    Oh I really love the tights your wearing. I haven't tried wolford yet

  5. rclosure | 27th Jun 15

    Those are EXTREMELY nice.

  6. gustavo guglielmi | 27th Jun 15

    how about use some gloves too ?

  7. Ribbed Tights | 9th Jul 15

    Beautiful tights an dress combination. Like you, I like the shine and colour of these Wolford tights.

    BTW, you have a great smile in these pictures … really stands out! Nice set.

  8. Rob Reid | 31st Jan 16

    Love the shoes and the tights

  9. Rob Reid | 31st Jan 16

    Hi Mary do you enjoy foot massage after a long day of shooting?



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