Vienne Milano Fashion thigh highs

My second review of Vienne Milano thigh highs, this time you will see
fashion models which you can wear in parties, when you go out or just
when you are in a mood for great changes:)

Viola Filosophy Thread Purple
Viola Filosophy thread purple        
Gisella siver sparkle


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  1. fuzelmo | 26th Jul 15

    Purple is an outstanding vibrant color. Love all ur youtube videos. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ribbed Tights | 26th Jul 15

    WOW!! What sensational thigh highs! I love the Viola Filosophy, they look like soft cotton (one of my favourite looks). I really like the look of the texture of these thigh highs, how the material is not completely uniform (and the same from top to bottom) – a very natural look … and you look AMAZING in them.

    Then the Gisella siver sparkle … even better. The sparkle and shine looked unbelieveable … a really sexy look. I couldn't see the velvet band so well, but I trust you when you say they are amazing.

    Great fashion hosiery and great review.

  3. Fernando Luis Toncich | 28th Jul 15

    Beautiful! Love it! Love you!

  4. Fernando Luis Toncich | 30th Jul 15

    The latter are most beautiful!

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