Tan thigh high stockings by Vienne Milano

 My first review about luxury tan thigh highs by Vienne Milano. Enjoy!

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  1. Fernando Luis Toncich | 14th Jul 15

    Hello Maria! I loved the video, these beautiful, these stocking are top ! Good to hear your voice , beautiful as ever ! love you !

  2. Ribbed Tights | 14th Jul 15

    Nice review! However, I have a question? … well, more your opinion.

    Would you say that the 8 denier Isabella stay-ups are more shiny than the 20 denier Alba back-seam stay-ups? From your review, the Alba stay-ups look less shiny and more soft (like a soft focus picture). I was just wondering what you think?

    Good idea to wear one of each type of stay-up on each leg so we can compare the look.

    Can't wait for your next review.

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 22nd Jul 15

      Hi, Ribbed tights!

      The first pair is very glossy and the second is matt.
      My next video will be published this week:) Thanks so much for watching!

  3. matej von | 5th Nov 15

    i love to watch, when you dressing the nylon stockings…maria you are very sexy!!!

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