Autumn stripes


It was sunny and beautiful Sunday evening. In the evenings we have beautiful sunsets which are absolutely unforgettable. In autumn sunsets are especially gorgeous together with colorful Finnish nature. Although we won’t show you Finnish sunsets yet we hope you will like the pictures with Gatta style from their latest collection. Pattern tights with stripes are my favorites and what do you think of pattern tights?
xo Maria


TIGHTS: Loretta by Gatta
DRESS: Villa
BOOTS: Vagabond
COAT: Miss sixty

Loretta by Gataa

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  1. rclosure | 20th Nov 15

    Very nice! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ribbed Tights | 20th Nov 15

    Beautiful pictures. The light is magical.

    As for the tights (after all, you blog is about tights!), I love them. I love striped tights, they have the effect of elongating the legs – not that you need it, your leg are pretty long already … and pretty special!! I love patterned tights, be it stripes, ribs, patterns, designed pictures, tights made to look like stocking and suspenders! They are so much more interesting that plain tights!

    Don't get to wrong, you look amazing in plain tights, but striped (and patterned) tights bring a new dimension! Thank you and looking forward to seeing more of your (no doubt) very large collection of tights!

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. La lechuza | 20th Nov 15

    This is wonderful! Love you Maria!

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