I still have some beautiful sets to post before winter season and this set I like especially because of the stylish look and nature background. That day we went to Herttoniemi beach, beautiful area where you can see and feel typical Finnish nature – forest, rocks, water, wind. It was windy day and the sun could hardly warm up but I am glad of the result of these pictures. Tights which look like stay-ups by Gatta made look really sexy. 
COAT: Miss sixty
SCARF: Global accessorize

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  1. Kessel Marc | 25th Nov 15

    Hi Maria,
    First time I see Gatta in real, I've heard about them in your videos but never seen. The stay up look is special but I like it, because the sexy/warm up effect is show in a good combination here :).

    When I see the pictures I really want to visit your country 🙂 (specially the 8th picture). My friends and parents always say I have a finnish mentality and look haha, but now I've to go there :)!
    Have a nice day :)!


  2. rclosure | 26th Nov 15

    Love em!

  3. Ribbed Tights | 26th Nov 15

    Wow! Amazing! Gatta is fast becoming a favourite brand for me also! They make such interesting tights. For me, Wolford is the best for quality and Trazparense is the best for style … but now Gatta are making tights that are very good quality and very stylish!! Thank you for introducing us to Gatta and I cannot wait to see what they (and you) bring us next!

    Great pictures on a sunny autumn / wintery day!

    PS Thank you for the reply in your last posting!! It's great that you take the time to answer! Thank you.

  4. La lechuza | 26th Nov 15

    Love your legs!

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