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Hello! Sorry for some pause in the blog, we have moved to a new place which is more spacious and cozy. That was a reason! I will never stop saying how much I appreciate your comments and read them all. Thank you for keeping up with us!
This post was done some time ago  when we decided to go for a random walk. After some wondering we reached the sports center and it was perfect spot to test Mikko’s new  camera lens. I love the background of sports grounds, always inspirational. The dress I was wearing was a gift from Mikko from our last year summer vacation to Italy. We went to watch Formula 1 in Monza and I literally fell in love with this dress when I saw it there. Love it so much till now! CdR Uppsala in black color were styled with the dress and red ballerinas from out honeymoon trip to Spain. I am not a shopaholic but it occurs I get some clothing and shoes in the trips. After having a cross in the sports center with the camera we headed to the center where we found the World fair presenting the products from different countries, mostly European: French cheese, Italian pasta, Finnish fish, German pretzel…. the last one I couldn’t refuse and we got a cheese-ham pretzel. Then we noticed the tent with a lot UK flags, in which were tons of fudge. British fudge is to taste but we decided to try and took … half a kilo! To me fudge is good to eat as additional product, to add in cakes, muffins and all yummy sweet food. We were just eating fudge like chocolate and it was good! Hopefully I can go again to Britain again with Mikko this time and try all the delicacies this beautiful country has to offer!

Hopefully you have a great weekend!


DRESS: Ferrari

TIGHTS: Cecilia de Rafael Uppsala, black color



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  1. Richard | 3rd Jul 16

    Looking great as always. Red suits you well.

  2. fernando luis toncich | 4th Jul 16

    Very good post!

  3. Kessel Marc | 5th Jul 16

    Hi Maria,
    I was waiting this post because I followed all your pictures on instagram. Tight dresses are really nice and sexy, and this one in red shows it on you 🙂 !
    Red and black are also my favourite colours :o, and I looooove the combination of both.
    The uppsala pantyhose is one of the best pantyhoses in my eyes (with wolford neon…), but where can you buy it? :/ Because on the site from CdR you can’t buy them :(.

    I think that this dress in combination with the pantyhose is also nice with black or red high heels, or not?
    Have a nice day, kisses

  4. Ribbedtights | 7th Jul 16

    Black and red … very nice. I like how you have even matched your lipstick!

    Lovely natural pictures … just what we expect and love about your photos. Thank you again for sharing your time with us.

  5. randall pierce | 12th Feb 17

    As I said on your other blog about these are a magnificent pair of tights so much I have 6 different colors of them.

  6. PAm | 20th Mar 18

    beautiful! Please, more outfits withs miniskirts, Black opaque shiny tights and flats… look greeeeeart!!!!

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