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Hello guys! Here is the first photo set and video with snow this year! Here I am wearing the new Ultimate Couture seamless tights from UK tights.  Black opaques are my favourites and when they are seamless- what can be better for these winter days.! I also have 100  den and I guess I will wear them for really windy cold days, 60 dens are perfect for winter sunny days. Don’t you think so?


PURSE: Coccinnelle
BOOTS: Vagabond
TIGHTS: Ultimate Couture from UKtights



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  1. PifPaf | 16th Nov 16

    i have a question: what is Your favorite pantyhose brand from Poland?

  2. Ribbedtights | 16th Nov 16

    Awesome winter fairy-tale pictures! Beautiful!

    As for the tights, what do you think of the new Couture seamless tights? I thoroughly recommend these tights as they are very comfortable and very cosy (getting ready for the cold winter evenings).

    Did you get any of the others from this range? There are some really interesting styles and patterns. My personal favourites are “Margaret” (because, surprise surprise, they are seamless ribbed tights), “Victoria” and “Catherine” (because of the pattern) and “Elizabeth” (because of the gorgeous lace insert at the top of each leg).

    I would love to hear more about what you thought of the tights.

    Finally, great video … really captures the fun!

  3. Majuska | 19th Nov 16

    why dont you wear multiple layers of pantyhose anymore? :-O

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