Baby shower

Baby shower!!! I could not imagine that this celebration could be so much fun! Thanks to those who made it! I believe baby shower has come from North America and is getting more popular in Europe. I imagined that my own baby shower will include fun games about maternity, delicious food and and a lot of fun<3 As most of my friends have already babies and children and it is not always easy to find nanny I told my friends that they could bring children. Though it was more difficult to play all the games and we actually could not play them all as I planned, baby shower was a lot of fun!

Games we played:

    1. Guess mommy-to-be size of the belly.
      Every guest was cutting the ribbon of the size they thought my belly size is and the closest one to the result was the winner! Frankly speaking, my belly is not that big in comparison to other girls who are expecting. My doctor told me I am tall (177 cm) and it is normal to have such a belly. Mu mom also had tiny bellies with me and my brother.
    2. Animal pregnancy guesses
      Guests were given the list of animals + human pregnancy in the list and they had to guess how many days pregnancy last for each. Actually, this task wasn’t easy, some got 2-3 answers right. The winner got 6 answers right!
      If you wish you could try this game too in the link below!
    3. Find the guest from the baby pictures
      This game was really fun and included surprise, there is my hubby in the game too. Could you find me and him? 
  1. Baby predictions cards
    This game has the list of baby’s birth date, time, weight, length and advise for the mom-to-be. We can’t know who is the winner in this game yet but very soon we will know<3
  2. Diapers race
    We didn’t manage to play this game though here is a hint for you if you plan baby shower. Guests had to split in two teams and make a diaper on an adult from toilet paper. Mommy-to-be will choose the winning team.


As I have already got Baby box, which is given to everyone in Finland and includes essentials for the baby, plus I got some clothing from my relatives and friends and did baby-shopping in US, I asked my friends if they wish they could bring some interactive games for the baby, diapers or whatever they want as a gift.  Baby boy has received 2 diaper cakes. It was so amazing that my both friends who brought these gifts made these diaper cakes themselves! There are different essentials and hygiene products for the baby hidden inside the cake.

This cake made me laugh and cry so much as inside the diapers I found life-moment pictures with my friend and wish cards. Some gifts were hidden as you can’t see them. It was so touchy and loving<3<3<3
Such diapers cakes you can buy from different companies who pack them but I think it is much better to make in your own taste!

Baby boy also got books, interactive games, toys, shoes, clothing, hygiene products, frame to make baby prints, blanket etc. It was really nice to receive so many gifts! I am so surprised how world is changing and nowadays baby needs so many products. The main thing for sure that he needs is the love and care from his family that we will give and provide at our best. The whole idea of this celebration is to step into very coming motherhood and enjoy this time. When my hubby was looking at these pictures he told me I look very happy in them as I really feel so. Can’t wait to meet our baby boy<3


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  1. Ribbedtights | 5th Oct 17

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing these intimate family & friends moments with us. And Mika is correct, you look very happy in all the picture. Just beautiful.

    • | 10th Oct 17

      Thank you so much, Ribbedtights!

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