First voyage

Max and I have been to our first trip abroad together with my mom. We chose to go to Stockholm by cruise cause this kind of trip seemed to be the easiest, you do not need to carry a lot of luggage onboard. Although when you are with a baby you have to be well equipped for any kind of situations:) We left from Helsinki by Silja Serenade cruise to Stockholm for one day. It took one night to sail there, spent 7 hours in Stockholm and then back to the ship. It seemed very convenient and I was hoping Max will love it! And so he did! We took the special cruise on Children’s festival during which there have been different kind of activities for kids. Though Max is too small to participate in them he really liked to observe and this is just perfect for his age! There have been so many parents with small kids and even new-borns on the cruise! I was thinking I was crazy mom to take a 6 months old baby)) ha-ha)) We took our bugaboo stroller with us and it was just perfect for strolling in the city but it is not so convenient on cruise as it can slow you down. I was so happy we took our amazing baby carrier from Najell. We have been using it in face to face position and since 6 months I turned Max in facing outwards and added hip seat for his extra comfort. When we went to the sun deck to enjoy Helsinki from the cruise Max was so looking around with interest and I was enjoying my new state of carrying him around. Surely stroller has been great in Stockholm but you can forget about it while in the Old Town because of cobblestones. I put Max in the baby carrier and he fell asleep straight away, meanwhile I could enjoy my ice-cream with nutella, yummy)))

Summing up our first experience abroad with a baby I can say that the best is just enjoy the time and take it easily. This has been our training before holiday. Very soon we are off to another country. Can you guess where?

XO Maria

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  1. alex | 24th May 18

    Max is adorable. It’s good to hear from you.

  2. Wei Pan | 8th Jun 18

    Max is so cuteļ¼

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