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Hello guys! This article is dedicated to mom’s life<3 I teamed up for this blog post with Herobility, Swedish company who is producing eco-friendly feeding products for babies and toddlers. What is really important is that products are made of degradable bioplastics from corn starch, they are safe and can be dishwashed, microwaved and you can store them even in the freezer.

First of all, I would like to start with HeroEcofeeding starter pack. It includes HeroPlacement, which can be attached to flat surfaces, HeroEcoplate wich is attached to HeroPlacement with vacuum, the lid makes it super easy to store in the fridge or to take away, it really makes a cool container when you go out and want to take food for your baby. There are also a spoon and Herobib which is connected to HeroPlacement with magnets. Max is already 1,5 years old, he uses this set as a toddler and we will for sure use it for some years. I only wish I knew about this product earlier when Max started his first feedings.

We got some other great products from Herobility like HeroEcocutlery, it consists of fork, knife and spoon and recommended to be used since 12 months. I like the handles of these products as you can see Max can easily eat his chicken pasta with his fork <3

We also got HeroEoglasses, there are two of them in the package, great – less cleaning for parents)) I wasn’t unsure how Max will use them as he always uses the handle of the mug. Luckily, the grip was so easy for him due to the material and form.

Additionaly, we received Heroecobowl that can be connected to the HeroEcostarter’s placement or you can use it as it is. It is a must for porridge and soups as it is much deeper than the plate in the starter’s pack.

As a mom I found Herobility products very useful, safe and easy in use and cleaning. More than that if you are not in the mood of cleaning after your kid all the time HeroEcofeeding starter pack will safe the time, as all the food that could fall on the floor drops in the bib’s pocket))
I am surprised how fast the world is changing and new products for kids appear, the main still stays for me that they are safe and eco-friendly for
my baby and the planet .

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  1. Ribbedtights | 12th Apr 19

    A noble and worthy cause. Good luck.

    • | 19th Apr 19

      Thank you so much!!!

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