Cherry in blossom

I love May because of these unbelievable cherry trees. Every year I love watching them more and more. You can find really beautiful places in southern Finland where they grow. The problem is that they don’t like too much cold too much hot do they don’t last much in Finland because of our changing weather.

Las year May was so hot that they didn’t last too long and this year started to be so cold rapidly that some flowers started to vanish. Nevertheless, they are so beautiful that even for short time bring so much joy. This year we found a huge beautiful tree when we were walking to playground with my hubby and Max and made some snaps. I put my Fogal tights which I got as a gift from UK tights. I think these bright pink color goes perfectly. Fogal is premium brand and quality is really great. That is why the price is above the mass-market price. Although, when you get such tights as Fogal you won’t be disappointed as they last long.

My look of the day is typical mom’s look I have everyday: sneakers, I love these adidas and I have them in two colors (black and grey), tights, and dress hoodie, I have so many of them.
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  1. Trey Reyes | 10th May 19

    Very beautiful blog Maria! Amazing pics and family! Keep them pics coming…thank you for sharing! All the best to you and your family!!

    • Maria | 10th May 19

      Thank you so much Trey <3

  2. ribbedtights | 10th May 19

    Cherry blossoms do look beautiful at this time of year! I think everybody should go outside more and appreciate natural and how awesome it is!!

    As for our “mom look” … do all moms wear bright pink tights and trainers in Finland? If yes, then I’ll be coming over as soon as I can. You look sensational! Yet again, you have pulled off a super casual look and injected colour into it! These pink tights look amazing!

    Thank you for sharing

    • Maria | 16th May 19

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Yes, my typical everyday look is dress-hoodie with tights or leggings and trainers)) i can’t say for all moms, maybe leggings more) Thank you<3

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