First time at the zoo

Our Easter holidays.

On Easter holidays we went to Helsinki Zoo, technically it was second time for Max. We have been there when Max was 3 months old. I got two tickets and they were expiring by the end of the year 2017. My mom stayed with us at that time and we decide to go to the zoo. It was Max’s first time. He was sleeping all the time so it is not counted.
Some people say that under 4 years kid won’t remember anything and it is a waste of time to bring him anywhere and go on travel. These are your memories with the kid, you will for sure remember them and memorize them in pictures and stories. Your kid will for sure experience bright emotions seeing animals alive.

What is in Helsinki zoo?

I absolutely love Helsinki zoo because animals seem to be so happy there and it is a fun place to visit. The zoo is located in Korkeasaari island. You can get there by crossing the bridge from another island which is connected to the mainland, some kind of train of islands, ha-ha)
We have visited Helsinki zoo like I said on Easter holidays and we were lucky with the weather. We went straight in the morning and it was not so crowded. Highlight for us was watching Max pointing at tiger and saying : ‘Rrrauh!’. The cats area is really exciting, you can meet lions and tigers of different breed.

Then we went to see monkeys. They were so funny. The cutest moment was, when Max was waving to Gorilla <3

Picnic season was opened! I took some food with us and we bought coffee from coffee shop. You can bring food with you and eat in certain area or you can find comfortable restaurants and cafes on the territory of the zoo.

These pictures were made just on our way to the zoo on the bridge which connects zoo with another island and that island is connected to the mainland.

We have been to the zoo from 10 till 12.00 in the morning and for sure it wasn’t enough time. Max had to go to his sleep, We will for sure come back and will explore more<3


TIGHTS: Wolford
JACKET: Hand-made ( I could not find the right one for years and ordered it from the tailor)
BAG: Coccinnele

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  1. ribbedtights | 10th May 19

    What a lovely day out or your all. The zoo is a great place for anyone at anytime … makes me what to go the zoo as well! It also looks like you had a wonderful day for your trip … the sun is shining and you had a picnic!!

    I do like your casual outfit. Your black tights and trainers look great. I do like that they are Wolford tights … even though they are just plain black tights, Wolford really do know how to make really special tights! Even their plain tights are special.

    Thank you for sharing your family day with us.

    • Maria | 16th May 19

      Thank you for you lovely comment! These wolfords have some support and are perfect for long day out)))

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