5 things to go out with toddler in summer.

Summer is finally here! I am so happy it is so warm that you don’t need to put tons of clothes when you go out. I love summer because you can stay out almost all day long. In this case I decided to make a list of 5 most important things we take with us when we go out.

1. Bottle of water.
This is the most important. Even when we are in our yard, I always take a bottle of water for Max to stay hydrated. We like to use Hero Go turquoise thermos from Herobility. It keeps the cold temperature of the water for many hours in such hot summer and vice-versa in winter. It is also easy to clean because of wide opening.
2. Sunscreen.
I think there is no need to explain how it is important. Though if it is not a long walk for whole day, we put sunscreen at home before going out.
3. Some snacks. The best is to take some long-lasting products like apple, smoothie or snack-bar.
4. Backpack of hygiene essentials.
This includes diaper, wipes and cream.
5. Toys.
We always take toys and I let Max to choose what he wants to take in the sand box and playground. His favorite are tractors and ball.

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  1. Janine | 16th Jun 19

    You look fabulous in that lovely grey dress, Maria.
    Janine xxx

    • Maria | 16th Jun 19

      Thank you so much <3

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