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In collaboration with Femme luxe* I styled 3 different black and white outfits that are super comfortable in everyday life, they are feminine, simple and perfect for moms at the same time. I wanted to show that every mom can look beautiful even in simple black and white outfits that are pretty affordable and comfortable. The best is just find a great match!

Outfit 1

Nowadays most of the time I wear casual dresses because they go best with my motherhood style, they are so comfortable and go perfectly with tights and sneakers. The first outfit is oversized t-shirt dress* featuring digits print on the front. I like long sleeves of this which give comfort. I am tall so this dress is a bit short for me in size M though I styled it with CdR Eterno 20 tights and Adidas trainers and I think it went perfectly.
You may style this dress also with leggings and high-heels and it will look also great. Although, I chose my tights and favorite adidas. It is easier to run after Max. He just learned how to ride a bike and I am so proud of him.

Firstly, he let me help him to control his balance and hold his wheel for a while. Now I can’t even put my hands on the bike. He balances very well himself. Recently he has learned to go from the small heels with his legs up and his balancing is improving all the time. Where is my baby???
Time flies and I try to soak every moment with him when he is doing his first steps in something new. Isn’t it a miracle? I think that is the best of parenting, help him to learn things and enjoy life. At the same time it is important for me to wear comfortable clothing to run after him.

Many of you asked me about shiny tights I wear. If you see shiny tights on me, most of the time they are from Spanish brand Cecilia de Rafael and you can get them from UK tights. The trick is that when the sun is shining they are very shiny and when it is cloudy, the shine is out. Most of the time I choose opaque tights because it is cold in Finland and more comfortable in opaque tights in cold days. Well, during Finnish summer you may go without opaque, sometimes, ha-ha)) If you ask me what is Finnish summer, so it is like winter in Barcelona, + 15 Celcius, mostly. Though, sometimes we get lucky and have +25 Cecius for couple of days. It is beleived summer in Finland lasts 2 months or something like that.

Outfit 2

I used to wear cropped leggings in childhood a lot in summer and almost forgot how cool they are. These black cropped basic leggings* from Femme luxe* are of high-quality material an perfect for biking or jogging or just going out, it depends how you style the top. Bu the way, the top is also from Femme luxe*. I am wearing S size of this t-shirt*, and as it is a bit wide for me I made a knot. I guess it is made so just to make a knot))) Anyway, I love it and quality is great! The print is perfect for everyone to remind : “Love ya self”. This outfit I styled with Eterno 20 tights in sun tan color and black adidas trainers.

Outfit 3

Leggings! Show me the girl who doesn’t like leggings. Everyone loves them!
You may notice I just put leggings on top of cropped leggings that is why you may notice them under. Such a simple but perfect look: white t-shirt* and black leggings*. Sometimes I just put leggings on top of tights and oversized shirt. In winter it is a perfect match! In summer you can wear leggings with anything you like, you may have sneakers or high-heels and have different looks. I love high-heels, although I wear them very rarely nowadays. Why? I have a toddler and I love sneakers.

Hopefully, you like my black and white outfits from Femme luxe*. Let me know which one you liked the most or maybe you have your own perfect black and white outfit. Have a great coming week!

xoxo Maria

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  1. Janine | 12th Aug 19

    He’s a fine-looking little boy, Maria!

    Of these outfits, I like the first one – you always look fabulous showing your legs in a pair of sexy tights!
    And I like the third outfit – you look so hot in those leggings!
    Janine xxx

    • Maria | 12th Aug 19

      Thank you so much! You are very kind<3)))

  2. ribbedtights | 12th Aug 19

    Great picture. I think you look gorgeous in all the outfits. They are all simple and very practical … probably what need as a mother!

    But if I had to choose, the first outfit … although, I think that might have more to do with how short your dress is … you legs look fantastic in sheer shiny black tights, and the more we can see them the better!

    The second outfit is also very cute, very athletic. We can barely see that you are even wearing tights … only in the second picture we can see the shine!

    The last outfit is very cool, probably best to relax in the evenings when it’s a little cooler and you want to keep your legs a little warmer!

    All great outfits and all shown beautifully Simple can be sexy as well.

    • Maria | 12th Aug 19

      Thank you! Frankly speaking, I also like first outfit most of all. Though, second and third are very comfortable to run around))

  3. Chris | 13th Aug 19

    Three cute looks!

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