2019 in pictures

New Year will start in 10 hours and I am writing my one of the brightest posts of 2019 to remind myself and you about what happened during 2019.

First of all, I want to thank each of you for reading my blog. I try to update it as much as I can. My other social media like Instagram and YouTube are also active, although video making requires quite a lot of time. So, if you wish I post more often there too. I will be glad to know your opinion in the comments.


This picture is from 31st December 2018 and our celebration of coming 2019.


We did this post in collaboration with Breden Kids. Max is too cute in his snow pandas. Frankly speaking after that set panda became one of his favorite animals.


This picture was made when we visited Mikko’s grandma and she died in a week. Life continues and it is important to remember it and appreciate every moment of it.


My collaboration with Norwegian brand Viking footwear started in April. I learned quite a lot about children footwear. It is great that Viking footwear makes shoes and boots for adults as well.


May is the most romantic time of the year because the world is wakening up at least part of Nordic countires and cherry trees start to blossom.


Our summer vacation was organized together with Formula 1 in France, Les Castellet. I can say that it is definitely highlight of 2019. Three long but so short weeks with my family in Provence. You may read about our trip in these posts:
1. 10 tips to go with toddler to Formula 1
2. Saint-Tropez in 3 years
3. Lavender fields in Provence
4. Morning on Frejus beach



My mom stayed with Max and we went to celebrate 8 years of our wedding anniversary. Actually, according to instagram posts, it is the most liked picture of 2019, thank you<3


In normal life I look like this: trainers, hoodie-dress, tights and most of the time no make-up))


This autumn was exceptionally beautiful and very comfortable when we tested new rubber boots from Viking footwear.


November was really dark and it was great to start the first day of winter with snow.


I also add my recent post from instagram and repeat my wishes<3
I want to thank each of you for being here with me and want to wish HEALTH to you and your family, it is really essential thing in life, HARMONY with yourself, LOVE, that is the biggest power ever that can make you do anything, HAPPINESS and a lot of TRAVELS. Why travelling? It broadens your mind and gives unforgettable experience for life.

Happy New Year!

xo Maria

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  1. Trey | 31st Dec 19

    All your pics are amazing! Beautiful family! All the best to you and your family in 2020! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pics!! And yes please keep posting more videos 😘😍😊 Happy New Year’s!!

    • Maria | 2nd Jan 20

      Thank you Trey! Appreciate you comment here)))

  2. Fernado | 2nd Jan 20

    Hello Maria! You have really had a spectacular 2019. Beautiful family photos. I hope that 2020 fulfills all your dreams and that you continue to be with us sharing the best of your life. A big kiss.

    • Maria | 2nd Jan 20

      Thank you so much for the wishes! Always great to see you here)) Happy New Year!

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