Christmas Helsinki

Christmas lights

Christmas lights in Helsinki city center are so beautiful. I have been to New-York on New Year and, trust me, Helsinki can compete with decorations in New-York. Although, Helsinki and NYC are so different, the atmosphere of winter holidays is so magical in both cities. This year Helsinki’s city centre is decorated so beautifully that even the lack of snow doesn’t upset.

Friends from birth

So, we decided to meet with our friends from hospital we met with when Max was born. Max and Sophia have difference in 4 days! It is really amazing to have a friend from birth! We decided to meet for lunch in city center and stroll around Christmas streets.

Yummy lunch

I grabed Mikko’s camera to make some snaps of the kids and Milica, Sophia’s mom took some of me. After that we went to Kappeli, famous Finnish restaurant on Esplanade. It is pretty pricey but so luxurious. You may go to cafe, bar or restaurant there, it is divided into areas. So, if you go to cafe for just coffee or lunch, it is not so bad for Helsinki. We got raindeer soup with melted cheese and many kinds of different breads (rye brea, reshka and bun) for 11,90 euros and I shared it with Max. It was so yummy and it is a good price for reindeer soup, it is also hard to find. If you are in Helsinki go to Kappeli for lunch or just take cinnamon bun (typical Finnish sweet bun) with coffee or tea.

Christmas market

From beginning of December till Christmas you may visit magnificent Christmas market on the main square of Helsinki – Senate square. It is so beautifully decorated and attracts as locals as tourists offering Christmas gifts, typical Finnish food and some fun activities. It was so amazing to go on old Venetian carousel which was absolutely free as for kids as for adults. The lines were not long and we went two times without waiting. It is great that city organizes this events. For sure, so beautiful memories to keep in these pictures. I guess, next time I will write you after Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you so much for reading my blog<3

Love, Maria

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  1. ribbedtights | 22nd Dec 19

    Beautiful … you at not have snow, but you make it look like Christmas.

    Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

    • Maria | 23rd Dec 19

      Thanks you for your all comments this year! I love to read them <3 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Lechuza | 22nd Dec 19

    Thank you for your beautiful photos. How beautiful you see them! What a sweet and dedicated mother!

    • Maria | 23rd Dec 19

      Thank you ♡

  3. ragnarkisten | 28th Dec 19

    I have to admit to you Maria that even though I am a man, I really like to wear pantyhose. But you seem to have a very good idea about different pantyhose. Lately I have experienced problems with my back and bum musculature. I was wondering if support pantyhose can help this issue and if you recommend it?

    • Maria | 2nd Jan 20

      Thank you! There are different pantyhose that can also help to reduce pain but it is better to consult a doctor to check your issue. All the best, Maria

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