First day of winter

First real snow

So happy about his beautiful snow around. It is so much lighter in a day with snow on the ground. We didn’t have this snow till Christmas last year which could lay for so long. Finally, we can officially call it first real snow!
It is already -4 C outside most of the time, hopefully it will stay like this and more snow will come. So, we can go to sleigh soon!


Good winter boots is a must! So this winter I made a purchase of new pair of Tamaris boots. I like their style and rely on this brand. They make pretty good and affordable shoes. I am also happy I got them in grey color, as most of my winter boots are black. So, it is good to change!
As for Max, he received Ultra 2.0 from Norwegian brand Viking Footwear, as I am collaborating with them and so happy with the quality of their footwear! Actually we got two pairs of winter boots to test and Max was using them for a month then his feet has grown in one and a half size!? That was so unexpectable for me as it happened so fast and we changed another pair we didn’t use for bigger size. So these Ultra 2.0 are just perfect!

Skating lessons

We noticed a small road of ice and tried to go skating. As you can see by Max’s face he is pretty excited! Maybe, next year we will try real one. I used to skate at school times but remember it a little. Mikko was playing ice-hockey, so I guess Max will learn more from him.

Winter look

I like how boots paired with grey wool tights and long winter coat. Whole style turned out to be so cozy. By the way now it is time for wool, cotton and merino tights! I have so many of them in my collection! I will try to vary different styles and colors, so hopefully, it will turned out to be cozy and fun.

Have a beautiful winter!

xo Maria.

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  1. Ribbed Tigths | 4th Dec 19

    Beautiful! As you say, the snow makes all the difference.

    And as always, you are perfectly dressed for the weather. Your wool tights look so cosy … I hope they are keeping you warm. And the grey colour is so much more interesting that black.

    Stay warm and I look forward to your next winter outfit.

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