Biggest gift in 2020

Small secret

Now holidays are over and I guess, that you have opened all of your gifts. s for us, our biggest gift is still on the way. We have been keeping a small secret about this gift and now are so excited to share it with you! Our family is growing and there will be 4 of us in May!

How far I am

When Max was on the way we told about it straight away after the first screening. I don’t know why, but this time we wanted to keep this news longer. Sometimes it is good and now I am ready and so excited to share with you. I am on my half way of this pregnancy.

Is it different pregnancy?

Oh yes, so different. I am still at home and take care of Max plus do some work from home. During my first pregnancy I was at the office and wan’t so tired as now. During first 4 months I felt very tired and had problems with eating. I even lost a little weight in the beginning. Although, I tried to eat healthy food and it seems like enough portions. With Max I started to gain weight straight away. Although, I got 13 kg during the first pregnancy, that is normal. During second pregnancy I am more nervous and some things irritate me more. During both pregnancies I am not into meat. I eat chicken sometimes but can go only with fish. Anything else? Feel free to ask!

Many thanks for reading this post!

Love, M.

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  1. Fernando Luis | 10th Jan 20

    What a beautiful news! I expected it and always wanted to ask you if there would be a second child. You make me very happy. We will see all together as it grows. Congratulations!

    • Maria | 11th Jan 20

      Thank you<3

  2. ribbedtights | 10th Jan 20

    Congratulations! So happy for you. You must both be so happy …and Max will have a new brother / sister to play with.

    Sorry to hear that the pregnancy is making you so tired and affecting your appetite, but you do look radiant! Pregnancy makes women glow … and you are glowing. I hope you are able and willing to share more pictures during your pregnancy.

    Good luck to you all … and again, congratulations!

    • Maria | 11th Jan 20

      Thank you so much for this warm message! I am much better now, first 3 months were a bit tough but now is much better <3 Sure I will share some more details! M.

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