Troll forest

Willow paradise

There is a place not far from us with their own production of willow goods. They sell cups and ornamentation for garden, seasonal decorations, fences and so much more. I think they can make some customize products. You might remember our visit to Pumpkin festival, it was organized here in Koiramäen Pajutalli.
We love to visit this place because they have a lot of activities for kids, for example troll forest. These trolls a made of willow too! They may hide on the trees, behind houses or in the bushes. Trolls are especially popular in Norway but you might find them also in Finland.

Forest path

When you enter the forest path you may find its inhabitants, like this crocodile in the picture above. I am not sure, it maybe of willow too. As the note next to crocodile says you may ride it.

After that, Max found willow basketball and I found beautiful arch to take picture with. It leads to the path of the forest. This place is really stunning in any season of the year. As for me, I like autumn especially because of the Pumpkin festival and so many activities.

To any taste.

To conclude, you may find anything to your taste even if you don’t have a garden, something for home will be a great addition. Do you have any kind of special places in your surroundings or your troll forest?

xo Maria

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  1. Fernando Luis | 6th Jan 20

    What a beautiful exit! It is seen that they had a great time with the family. Your son wasn’t scared of those dolls? Very elegant your clothes. Greetings and I hope your next post.

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