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Our stroller

Baby number 2 is on the way and I started to think about enlarging our transport possibilities in the family. By transport I mean our bugaboo stroller. We have had Cameleon 3 model for almost 3 years and I couldn’t be happier! Before leaving on maternity leave I went to work by car as it was convenient and fast. Since we live in the capital region, car is not needed so much with a kid. I can easily move around with Bugaboo stroller and in the capital area one adult with stroller goes free by public transport, additionally it is good for environment in mind.

Bigger bugaboo?

Max will turn 2,5 years old when the baby arrives. Frankly speaking, Max is very active toddler and he can walk for long distances. He can still sit in the stroller for long trips but he prefers to move on his own feet. So, I think that duo stroller is not for us, although you may find a lot of bugaboo strollers for two kids from Punavuoren peikko shop.

Bugaboo wheeled board

To tell the truth, it is difficult for me to say goodbye to our Cameleon. Why you may ask? It was near perfect with Max, so I know it will also be that with the second baby. When I noticed wheeled board from bugaboo at Punavuoeren peikko shop I was confident, it is the best solution for us to go out with a baby and a toddler! So, we decided to try it outside in moving. Wheeled board can be used with any bugaboo stroller, you only need to get adapters for the right model. Note that Bugaboo Fox and Bee don’t need adapters. It is very easy to install the board with couple clicks and the adapters are not that bad either, 4 screws in total – 10 min job with intrigued toddler fiddling everything next to you. As for usage, it can be with or without chair. Chair clicks in place with one click and can be removed with a press of a button. Max is 95 cm tall and right now he prefers to sit more. Maybe later, he might ride standing more.

The wheeled board is raised easily up if not in use. We tried the board with bassinet and you may lift the board up one position. While using with toddler seat, you may lift the board up much higher in three positions. Anyway, it works well in both ways.

It has already been 3 weeks of active testing. When Max doesn’t want to walk on his own he goes to sit on the wheeled board with pleasure!

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