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During pregnancy woman´s body is changing a lot. These changes happen very fast every month. The truth is, that not everyone accepts them. I am not the exception. Pregnancy and maternity brings a lot of joy and many changes. Some changes that happen to body may upset. Extra fat and cellulite appear and increase during the pregnancy. It is normal and it can’t go anywhere quickly. It worries every woman and it is also normal. On the other hand, it is a crucial job what woman’s body is making – growing a baby inside. The best during pregnancy and postpartum is to LOVE THE BODY YOU’RE IN. So, the best thing is to accept it during this flourishing period and to treat yourself with comfortable and beautiful lingerie.

The box

I discovered Australian brand Cake maternity and fell in love with their super-comfortable nursing bras. For me every detail in the product is important, starting from the package box, up to the product design. I absolutely love when the product is packed in the paper on the sticker and there is a beautiful ribbon inside the box. It tells a lot about the attitude of the company towards the customers. Their beautiful logo reminds to accept and love the body you are in, especially during this maternity period.

All sweet things.

Cake maternity makes lingerie for moms and all their products are with ‘sweet name’. In collaboration with Cake maternity I received two nursing bras – Croissant Flexi Wire Nursing Bra and Mousse Wireless Plunge Nursing Bra. I am used to wear wired bras only but I decided to try two absolutely different models. I was pretty surprised about Cake maternity bras, they are so different and both so comfortable for me. Even a wireless bra can be comfortable and supportive. I thought otherwise when I had my first baby and tried other nursing bras.


Croissant Flexi Wire Nursing Bra has a huge amount of great reviews on Cake Maternity web-shop. Although, this bra looks simple, it is more than a bra. It is ultra-comfortable due to microfiber stretch technique. It has cut low to sit nearly under the growing belly. The bra is very soft, light and supportive due to strong straps that look beautiful in the back. Croissant bra sits perfectly. I got it in beige together with Croissant Maternity Brief in the same color.
I like very simple bras, they fit to every dress or shirt under and bring comfort during nursing and wearing, so what can be better? Although, it looks simple, I feel very beautiful and it is the main thing.


This bra doesn’t have any wires and I was not sure if this style is for me since I wrote before that I am used to wear wired bras. It is surprising how comfortable and beautiful it is at the same time. The model is so different to Croissant but is cozy in its own way. Mousse nursing bra sits perfectly as well and the color is to dream about. The color is pink and the model has some polka dots on the cups. There is a small bow in the front. This bra is just a dream to me. I believe that mom-readers will understand me. Mousse has internal cotton sling for added support and light foam moulded cups.


I tried other nursing bras and ordinary bras, they usually have two buckle lines. Cake maternity nursing bras, at least Croissant and Mousse models, have 3 buckle lines. I am not used to it. Firstly, it is difficult to close it up from the back but then it is easier and quicker, just need to practice. Additionally, extra buckle line brings more support and comfort.

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  1. ribbedtights | 10th Feb 20

    Wow!!! Such pretty lingerie, proving that pregnancy can be sexy … and it is sexy as you have shown us. It’s also great to hear that it is comfortable for you … win-win! Great pictures.

    • Maria | 18th Feb 20

      Yes, it is super comfortable and looks just perfect! Thank you!

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