Top 5 baby must haves

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Expecting my second baby I know already what baby must haves I need and what I don’t. Surely, every mom has her own list of baby must haves. From my experience I made mine and I will share it with you in this blog post. If you plan to have a baby, already expecting or baby is already born, you may find a lot of products for baby and mom from

1. Play mat SKIP HOP with baby pillow

Since we got Max home we started to use play mat on the second or third week. First three months baby is sleeping quite a lot but during their wake up hours they like to play and communicate. Play mat is my number one product at home. I like colorful play mats because baby starts to differentiate colors and it is good to have some animal-toys in this mat. This SKIP HOP play mat we got from Raskauskeiju and when we opened it Max started to play with it, although he is 2 years old. This mat includes 17 activities for baby to explore. There are safe mirrors to watch yourself, toys with different sounds and music. I like that this play mat includes baby pillow which helps baby to lay on the stomach under the armpits. I remember I rolled a towel for max to do it, ha-ha))) It is easy to keep such play mats at home and easy to store. We used play mat for Max up to his 1 year old.

2. Manduca sling wrap

You may start to use sling wrap for babies since they are born and over 3,5 kg. This is the safest way to carry a baby without hands. Manduca is trusted German brand of baby slings. I chose this one because it is made of 100% organic cotton and material is breathable, light and strong. I think it will be perfect for summer since we have May baby.

3. Babynest

I have kept Max’s babynest and now gave it to my friend to use. I found babynest very helpful during first 5 months after that max didn’t fit in it. Anyway, it is helpful even during this short time.

4. Cradle

Craddle is also very important to have and it is good to move it around the house. I found it especially useful when I took a shower or was cooking.

5. Two zippers onesies

During first months we changed a lot of diapers and it is the best to have the easiest and comfiest clothing for baby. I found two zipper onesies the easiest way to it.

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