Spring is here and 3rd trimester

Thoughts about pregnancy

Spring is here and I am so excited! Can’t wait to meet our new member of the family. Although, I am not in a rush, I just want to enjoy this spring and this pregnancy. With the first pregnancy you just enjoy and discover a lot of new things. With second pregnancy you already know what about to happen but try to enjoy every moment of it, who knows, if you ever be pregnant again. Today I had fitness with another mama and just shared these thoughts. She is also expecting her second baby and we have 2 weeks difference. She told me, you never know, just enjoy it. These are right words.

How long to stay with kids at home

To tell the truth the first trimester was hard, the second – much easier. In comparison with the first pregnancy, the second pregnancy is so different and I have a different status. I am a stay-home mom with toddler who is doing some freelance job. During the first pregnancy I had full time job and was at my own disposal. These things are so different but I am blessed where I am now. I would even stay at home as long as it could be possible because this time with small kids is the most precious. In Finland women are paid up to 9 months 70% of their income to stay at home. After that it is around 300 euros + some benefits from the city around 150 euros depending on the province. It is very little and not enough, although there are many solutions like part-time job, freelance job, definitely a great financial support is another parent who is working. Anyway, I won’t tell you a lot about this system, but the truth is that it is great to stay at home with kids, at least for me.

Maternity outfit

I always adored maternity shoots in bodysuits, they reveal belly bump so beautifully. I am now in the beginning of the third trimester and here you can see my belly in these pictures. You may compare to another bodysuit outfit and the same tights ‘The day before X’ when I am 37+4 pregnant with Max. The bodysuit is from Wolford and you may get it from UK lingerie and Wolford neon 40 tights in gobi color are available from UK tights.

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  1. ribbedtights | 2nd Mar 20

    Wow!! What beautiful pictures … it looks like you are really enjoying your second pregnancy. I clicked on the link o see your pictures from your first pregnancy, and there are some small difference … but you look radiant and beautiful in both.

    Thank you for sharing these pictures at such an important and beautiful time of your life!

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