Spring in the forest

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Finnish forest

Spring is here and we really enjoy spending time walking in the forest. Around 70% of Finland is forest area and you may definitely find place far from people wandering around. So it is good to go out, especially when the weather is so great but far from people right now. You may walk and find really picturesque places with the view to stunning lakes and massive rocks.

Long walks

Frankly speaking, long walking can be tiring for me on the ninth month of pregnancy, so I am glad I can walk in comfortable walking shoes from Vikingfootwear. In one of my previous posts I wrote about these shoes and I love them. They are really comfortable and I like easy buckle with BOA system. Mikko is also wearing Vikingfootwear shoes Anaconda with BOA system. Both shoes are waterproof and have highly breathable gore-tex membran. It is the most important thing for cold countries like Finland as weather is changing several times a day and it can start raining any time and then sun may show up. So, good durable shoes are really important.

Active shoes for toddler

Max started to ride a bike last spring when he was 1,5 years old. Now he is so active that he may go up to 2-3 km easily. Comfortable and durable shoes are really important for his long adventures. We tested new Vikingfootwear model for kids Spectrum R mid gore-tex. R means that they are reflective and they are waterproof. It is just perfect since Max can’t miss any puddle on his way. There are colors for boys and girls in this model. Max really likes black color now so the choice was obvious. The rubber outsole sticks well to surfaces and it is great when Max starts to break using his legs.

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