Sunny spring


We have been blessed with sunny days last couple weeks. Finally sunny spring finally arrived to the North. Such weather is really rare for us in April and I can’t be happier now about it. It was below 0 couple days and I had to put my winter coat and boots again. It is really a hard thing with my belly bump. Anyway, it is warm now and let’s hope it will stay so for this spring. I am happy to dress up in favorite coats and comfy boots again from Vikingfootwear.

Coming month

Exciting thing is that next month there will be four of us. It feels so exciting and I really can’t wait to meet our baby girl. I felt really well during this time but it is harder to walk long distances and it is harder for me to be as active as I used to be before. So after a long walking in the morning I take a nap with Max. He is almost 2,5 years old and still has 1,5 hours nap. It is a great advantage for me during this precious time. As I wrote, the beginning of spring started to be really sunny and it is great to walk, especially when we have forest nearby.


It is really interesting how she will look like, maybe brown eyes like mine. Max got his eye-color from father and got blue-grey eyes. One thing I know for sure, she is much more active than Max in my belly. I have evening parties almost every evening in my belly. Who knows, maybe it is so because I eat more candies and chocolate during this pregnancy))

Belly started to be so big now that I wear only maternity tights to give space to her. Some of maternity tights I got from UKtights.

Try to stay positive and enjoy this spring<3

XO Maria

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  1. ribbedtights | 8th Apr 20

    It looks like spring has arrived! Spring sunshine after winter always lifts the spirits (we all certainly need it at the moment). As always, you look stunning in one of your uniforms – tights and sweater dress – and your belly bump is certainly getting bigger. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.

    Wish you well, stay safe and take care.

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