Being a mom

This post is in collaboration with Metsola, Finnish clothing brand for children

Second Sunday of May is Mother’s day in Finland. Although, in many countries it can be in different time, it is a good to reason to remember and remind yourself how mom is important. Being a mom has been the best what happened to me. As a mom I learn a lot from my kids and the best is that I can look at the world through their eyes.

The best in motherhood

To laugh, to be silly, to enjoy every moment and to look at the world through my kids’ eyes.
We love traveling a lot and it is great to show and to see world together with kids. I like to explore new places and to see my kids’ reaction to new things and their even small discoveries are unforgettable.


To keep the boarders for kid.
Sometimes it is difficult to combine motherhood and work as I am a stay-home mom and do freelance job. Most of my work I do when Max is asleep during his day nap or when he goes to bed and on weekends when my husband can play with him.

I want my kids..

just be themselves and be happy.

These beautiful bunny-sets for boy and baby-girl with small treats are from Metsola

This May we are expecting baby girl and I can’t wait to see my kids playing together. These two bunny outfits are so cute. It is so sweet to twin brother and sister together in the same pattern clothing and different colors.

Metsola outfits for this blog post:

Max’s outfit: Bunny T-shirt and pants from Metsola

Baby-girl outfit: Pink bunny jumpsuit and baby hat from Metsola

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