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It is already over 2 weeks while we enjoy our ‘baby bubble’ time at home. ‘Baby bubble’ is not in common use in English, I guess. In Finland we use this expression in Finnish – ‘vauvakuplassa’ when we mean the time with baby inside the family. In a way, it is true, you are inside the bubble with the members of the family. This is the coziest time. It includes all this magical baby smell, milk, cute baby clothing and of course family time together.

The first days at home I was still very tired and needed a lot of help. Frankly speaking, I still need it! It is so good my hubby took father vacation (paternity leave) to spend family time with us. Just after baby arriving we received this merino chunky wool blanket in white color by Halivia design. So, when I opened the package at home I put the blanket on the sofa, wrapped in it and fell asleep like in kids cartoons with the help of the magic stick. The blanket is so soft and cozy, it gives so much comfort that you just can’t resist to enjoy it. Moreover, it looks great in any living room and bedroom.

There are so many chunky wool items from Halivia design for babies and kids, I really liked Mermaid blanket. I have not seen it anywhere. I also liked this merino chunky wool blanket we got, it is available in different sizes. Our size is 100X150 cm. If you are in Finland you can shop from Halivia design website. For international shipping you can shop on Etsy.

It has been such a precious time so far for me and I enjoy every second of it. It is still crazy to think that I am a mom of two kids, a boy and a girl! To be a mom of two kids with the age difference under 3 years is not easy but it is great to see how they will grow up together and when they are adults this difference is not significant.

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  1. Richard | 14th Jun 20

    Are those Wolford?

  2. Fernando | 14th Jun 20


  3. Janine | 18th Jun 20

    Beautiful pictures. You look so happy. Motherhood clearly suits you. xx

  4. L.N. | 16th Sep 21

    Not everyone is able to reconcile work, blogging and caring for children. It’s nice that you succeed. Big congratulations on the new family member. Little beans 😉

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