Winter wonderland

Surprisingly to us so much snow arrived to Finland and most of Europe, it feels like winter wonderland. It is hard to remember the time when there was so much snow. I guess, it compensates last year. I remember as soon as snow came last winter we ran to sleigh the slide and there was no any snow in the evening. Now this is a different story and the south of Finland looks like small Lapland to me.
Although it is really difficult to move especially with a stroller. I even noticed some compatible sleighs to adjust to strollers wheels today on the internet.

My look is cozy and simple: Wolford tights 60 den, Vero moda coat, Vagabond shoes and Lassesor hat and scarf. I like this casual style for my winter wonderland.

Two winters ago there was pretty enough snow. Here is another set of beautiful winter pictures. My Max here is a little baby.

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  1. Janine | 13th Jan 21

    Very stylish. And I adore your wonderful long hair!

  2. ribbedtights | 14th Jan 21

    What beautiful scenery … it looks magical. You look so happy playing it the snow. I hope your Wolford tights kept you warm??!!

  3. Nate | 3rd May 21

    Very good pantyhose blog. It’s nice to know that there are still women who like to wear them. Those Wolford 60 den look great on you. Great job and thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

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