9 months in vs. 9 months out

It is hard to believe but my sweet little baby is already 9 months <3 Frankly speaking, she will turn 10 months soon. I really don’t know how time flies so fast. I try to enjoy this precious time with her especially when she is so little.

Although, she is a baby, she is so active like toddler at her 9 months. She has been crawling since 6 months and walks for 1 month. So she has developed her skills and even can gain speed! As for me, I just have to watch her every second, as she can climb up the couch in a matter of 2 seconds. So she is becoming a toddler. Who can believe it. Even I can’t believe, but it is true.

In the pictures you may spot my new necklace in the form of heart. This is my breastmilk and the Mirka from Jasmin Design madse necklace from it. This necklace is very precious for me, as it brings happy tears and sweet moments together with my babies. By the way, the milk in this necklace is a mix from times with Max (I kept some in the freezer) and now milk with Milla. Have you heard of breastmilk jewelry?

P.S. If you want to check the pictures when Milla was inside from this set, check them in this post.

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  1. Peter | 29th Nov 21

    Nice blog , continue doing write !!

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