Needle in the haystack part 3

Final part is here. We have received so many wonderful comments so far and wanted to thank you for that. The weather is getting better all the time and we will be doing more and more photography outside. Remember that you can always send us a request if you have anything particular in mind.

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  1. Jeff Lovesnylon | 26th May 13

    Just amazing! So much beauty! Love the shoeless pics!

  2. Zedpantyhose | 26th May 13

    great picturial guys
    you rock

  3. 15Denier | 26th May 13

    Wow…this trilogy is great! Love the last pic of you both. So…which haystack did you both run behind, at the end :p

  4. Anonymous | 27th May 13

    This series is the closest thing to perfection I have seen in a long time. Thank you & keep on posting!

  5. phphotoau | 27th May 13

    you have a very beautiful face and body, not only your leg are sexy, everything from you are perfect!

    thank you very much for sharing!

  6. J | 28th May 13

    Fantastic pics!!!

  7. Silkysheer PH | 29th May 13

    I would say you have definitely found a needle in a haystack, she is gorgeous. Your photos are always a highlight to see!

  8. Anonymous | 29th May 13

    One very luck guy in that last pic to have you for a girl.

  9. Alan Jones | 27th Nov 15

    I bet her pantyhose feet must feel so good.

  10. Joan Chu | 3rd Apr 21

    I super like your pantyhose leg and feet, you teach me so much on how tights meant in fashion, now I start to getting more wolford

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