In the forest

Work has been keeping us busy but it’s time for an update. Last weekend we finally had some time to go out to shoot some photos. We took couple different pairs of pantyhose with us. Here are the first ones. These pantyhose are from Platino but I can’t remember the exact model, have to check that one later if someone is interested. They are unbelievably sparkly and shiny.

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  1. Thomas MagNylon | 11th Jun 13

    a true fairy in the woods! Glad to see you always find to take the time for creative shots!

  2. phphotoau | 11th Jun 13

    wow, thank you for your update! yes super shiny, love it!

  3. Jeff Lovesnylon | 12th Jun 13

    Can I volunteer to clean her feet? Love the pics, as always!

  4. 15Denier | 12th Jun 13

    MMMMM! Sexy as always 🙂 Amazing shine on them. Can i ask what kind they are, please?

    • | 16th Jun 13

      I just checked the package and guess what. It didn't say any model. The package is totally black, they contain some metallic yarn but other than that I can't help you.

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