Wolford satin touch white 20d & my wedding ph

Hello everyone! Mikko has made a
wonderful set of new pantyhose -wolford   satin touch white. He was
looking for white ph for a long time, and finally found delicious one.
Wolfords are wonderful as usual.
Have a great weekend!


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  1. Mark Hekkis | 9th Aug 13

    Brunette in white tights… So beautiful.

  2. Thomas MagNylon | 10th Aug 13

    I got two of these! I can't think of any other pantyhose I'd love to see my significant other in when getting married.

  3. mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 10th Aug 13

    Wow! When getting married I didn't know about Wolford's whites. I had some Italian ph with some lyrex. Looked fantastic! My groom was so excited, because i guess he thought i would put stockings.

    Programme doesn't let me put the pic in the comments, u'll see it above ))) I hope, u'll like it)

    • phphotoau | 12th Aug 13

      that pic with lyrex is so sexy, can you post more…!!!

    • mypantyhosegirl@gmail.com | 12th Aug 13

      Thanx, we have full set of lyrex ph in pantyhose experience)) u can find more pics there. I will try to post it here later-: )

    • Thomas MagNylon | 12th Aug 13

      It's wonderful, that's a little bit of a worry of myself, that her "assistants" might talk her into stockings, because they ought to be "sexier", well… not for everyone 😛

  4. phphotoau | 13th Aug 13

    woo.. i cannot wait to see those!!! thanks a million!

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