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Hi all. This is my first blog posting from Malaysia. Finally I had some time to edit and make some photos ready to be posted. I have had busy days settling down and trying to find all the right places to do all the necessary paperwork. It doesn’t help at all that the University has really slow wifi.
I have already had time to check out some Malaysian pantyhose and there are surprisingly many places which sell pantyhose. They are usually very cheap (2-4€) and the quality varies alot. Most of them come from China which means finding the right size is not the easiest task.

Here she is wearing her white Wolford Satin Touch 20s. We both think that white pantyhose are really sexy and beautiful. You don’t see many women wearing white pantyhose and I wonder why as it really gives a bit special, beautiful look.







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  1. 15Denier | 9th Sep 13

    Stunning..as per usual 🙂 Mmmmmmaria…cute waistband peek 🙂 I know what you mean about the lack of whites, as in the UK there are just the usual blacks and tans here. Im a big fan of whites…and chinese pairs. White always looks more closer to pink on my legs thou!

  2. phphotoau | 9th Sep 13

    i agree, i like white too!

  3. nottelling | 10th Sep 13

    Good thing I was not driving on that road I would have been so distracted after after seeing that beauty I would have crashed

  4. Thomas MagNylon | 10th Sep 13

    I guess many fear that white adds to the perceived width of the legs. Also white hosiery might be connected with a bride too much, such that it is not considered appropriate for any other day. But guess what, f*ck that, cause the shine of white glossy nylons is second to none!!!

  5. Thomas MagNylon | 10th Sep 13

    Oh, and there is that lovely small bridge between two hills spanning right over the peak of the respective section of the highway in my hometown. I definitely know now where to shoot some really good images of my girlfriend.

  6. J | 14th Sep 13

    You look very nice!!

  7. Anonymous | 13th Aug 14

    I definitely agree with your comment, that pantyhose make women look better. Once again, beautiful pictures, great choice – combination of pantyhose and clothing and ofc great model.
    Regards, Anyl

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