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Seems like the scooter is again taking a part in the photo set. I guess we have so much fun going by together and it really easy to just stop by where ever and snap some photos. Funny thought came to me that should I use that kind of photos in the ad when I want to sell the bike next spring, would it sell better? I think so, haha. Anyways hope you enjoy and keep them comments coming :).











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  1. 15Denier | 29th Nov 13

    Jeez, those look incredibly sheer! Had to look twice..then i saw the sheen on those incredibly sexy legs 😉 What make and denier are those pantyhose?

  2. Anonymous | 30th Nov 13

    Very lovely. I happen to like that style of dress with nude pantyhose sans you know whats.

  3. Thomas MagNylon | 1st Dec 13

    Have her drive it to my place and you got yourself a deal 😉

  4. Anonymous | 2nd Dec 13

    Wow!! Amazing! I assume these were taken when the weather was a little warmer? I don;t think you would torture Masha to wear such sheer pantyhose in the winter?

    • | 2nd Dec 13

      You are right, it was early August when the photos were taken. In the winter she wears thicker pantyhose or layers thinner ones 🙂 It's way too cold for such sheer hose in the winter.

    • 15Denier | 2nd Dec 13

      Oooh…layering O_O Not seen many pics of that kind recently! 😉

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