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Hello everyone!  It’s January outside and we finally have snow!  Mikko is still on his studies in Malaysia and I entertain myself by taking pictures of me. Pictures were taken on the phone without filter. Hope,  it won’t be too boring for u to watch. Less than in a month my husband will come back and we will make you happy with great professional pictures.  Can’t wait <3

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  1. Anonymous | 12th Jan 14

    mmm looking as delicious as ever! don't know how he copes being away from you for so long…

  2. 15Denier | 12th Jan 14

    With or without filters, these pics are classy and ever 😉 Such a variety of clothing and tights..esp in your shorts..amazing curves 🙂 By the way, what kind of tights are those, in the last picture?

  3. Ribbed Tights | 13th Jan 14

    Stunning as always! I love these "selfies". Love the Finnish ph Vogue, 40 den in all colours. They look amazing on your gorgeous legs!

    PS I have been posting comments annonamously before, but have now created a gmail account just for your website!

  4. Thomas MagNylon | 13th Jan 14

    Great to start my working week with that update! You almost killed me with the third picture ��

    • | 14th Jan 14

      Thomas, thank you! What's wrong with the third picture?)

    • Thomas MagNylon | 14th Jan 14

      Nothing at all. I'm just glad that I have a healthy, trained heart, else there's the risk of a heart attack, love such waistband shots!

  5. Strumpbyxverkstan | 14th Jan 14

    Looking good!
    Great pantyhose as always!

  6. Anonymous | 14th Jan 14

    Very lovely.

  7. Stefan Lmn | 3rd Feb 14

    wonderfull pics… not minde the qulity…oh my….girl you got such a sexy shape…like a hourglass…i´m ALWAYS blown away by your hips…and pelvis…wow

    thank you

  8. J | 14th Feb 14

    You look amazing as always! Love your pantyhose and tights!

  9. Anonymous | 15th Jul 14

    Beatufiul beautiful 🙂
    Regards, Anyl

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