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Alrighty, time for those photos with those lovely Calzedonia pantyhose. The contrast between the black pantyhose and white coat is super nice and Maria looks absolutely stunning. It was windy but beautiful weather and we really enjoyed our time together and enjoy our doing our blog and we hope it shows in our photos. What do you think, should we post part II?














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  1. Maximus Ridiculous | 13th Mar 14

    Magnificent, wonderful contrast in colours. Now we need to move indoors and slip those shoes off ;).x

  2. Ribbed Tights | 14th Mar 14

    This set was worth waiting for!! As you say, the contrast between the very opaque black pantyhose and white coat is amazing.

    I also liked the idea of the shiny black … almost metallic … pantyhose worn with the more natural cream coloured wool sweater-dress. Nice difference in textures.

    I vote "YES" (obviously) for part II 🙂

    • Thomas MagNylon | 14th Mar 14

      What struck me more personally is that the metallic effect of both pantyhose and shoes work together excellently – Great choice!

      And please part II 🙂

  3. | 14th Mar 14

    Great pictures as always !

    I would have loved to see you with this pantyhose on a bench with your legs crossed :o)

  4. 15Denier | 14th Mar 14

    Pic that pose 🙂 Now do i want to see part 2? water wet, is the sun yellow?! 1000% YESSS 😀

  5. Fininier | 14th Mar 14

    Actually I can't find a store who sell these pantyhose. Can you tell me where you get them from? I love the wetlook shine and thickness and I absolutely want them in my own collection. Please part 2… I can't get enough of your beautifull pics.
    Keep on going!

  6. Anita | 20th Nov 16

    Hello! It’s fantastic pantyhose (and outfit). I want one like this. You wrote this is Calzedonia, but can you tell me exactly which type? Thanks, and greeting from Hungary!

  7. randall pierce | 20th Jun 17

    Just love the hose absolutely fantastic. Where can I get a pair myself and do they come in different colors and as usual great blog am always reading your articles.

    • | 23rd Jun 17

      They look stunning, don´t they. Don´t know about Calzedonia but Wolford has Satin De Luxe in a few colors and Cecilia De Rafael has Uppsala in a broad color range.

  8. randy | 23rd Jun 17

    You are right they are stunning looking nothing like the glossy look. Always looking for more colors glossy look is my number one preference. Love reading your blogs you write great articles and enjoy reading them.

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