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Hello guys! How are you? February is almost at the end and I can’t wait for spring. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you if you live in Australia or California or some other sunny side of the world but to Finland it does. And we can’t wait when we see sun again at least for a while. I have been to St.Petersburg for a day for business and just didn’t have enough time to make a beautiful set there and of course, the most important – I didn’t have my fabulous photographer with me! However, I decided to go for a quick shopping and got this beautiful coat from Maximiss. Ha-ha funny name, as the clothes are very slim and tight!
I couldn’t resist and bought it! There were red, bright blue, yellow and black colors of this model. And my choice was made on black! To compensate the set from St.Petersburg we went for a walk on Sunday and have made this beautiful set with nice leather winter boots and Calzedonia tights. You might have seen them before. We got so many questions where to buy them. Unfortunately, they were in the Calzedonia collection some seasons ago and you can’t find them on sale now but you can always check something closer to them. For example, Wolford’s Satin de Luxe, Cecilia de Rafael’s Uppsala, Dusen’s Opac satin and Platino’s Luxe fata could be a great variant. The last two model I don’t have but I have Wolford and CdR and I can assure you they are in my favourites!
COAT: Maximiss
BOOTS: Vagabond
TIGHTS: Calzedonia
similar Wolford here
similar Cecilia de Rafael here
similar Dusen here
similar Platino here

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  1. Twilight | 25th Feb 15

    Objection your honour! Boots not allowed! And a question though…

    Which do you prefer, the Cecilia de Rafael or these ones? Sidenote: Calzedonia ones prove to be very rare these days.

  2. Qman91 | 26th Feb 15

    So beautiful!!!! The whole outfit, from your beautiful coat down to your gorgeous boots, it is all stunning!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. rclosure | 26th Feb 15

    Those look VERY nice. I just can't get pass how smooth they look.

  4. Mirt Klaar | 26th Feb 15

    Very charming as ever!!!!! :-*

  5. Ant Rossi | 26th Feb 15

    Beautiful and perfect like always.
    Could you give us the exact reference of this pantyhose.

    thanks a lot

  6. tightsluv | 1st Mar 15

    Awesome post Maria! Love the photography as always. You look very happy with that beautiful smile! The tights are very cool and unique! They look like they are vinyl or leather almost!

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