Happy ph spring!

Hi! Today was amazingly sunny day,  that is so rare for Finland. We decided to make a beautiful set outside.  Here is one intriguing picture.  More will be coming later. We have received some requests to take pictures with particular ph. They will be coming soon! Happy women’s day and don’t forget to treat your ladies with pantyhose gifts and flowers!  Better late, than better never late. Happy ph  spring! Maria

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  1. nicolasph@yahoo.fr | 9th Mar 14

    Awesome (probably Wolford) pantyhose. You are so great and beautifil. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us !

  2. Anonymous | 9th Mar 14

    That's just incredible. Look forward to more. 🙂

  3. Anonymous | 9th Mar 14

    Platino Luxe Fata ?

  4. 15Denier | 10th Mar 14

    They look AMAZING!! Looking forward to the set of these 🙂

  5. Anonymous | 10th Mar 14

    We are looking forward, I we love that style of pantyhose. You have to try Platino , model Luxe Fata, anthracite colour are really amazing.

  6. Ribbed Tights | 10th Mar 14

    Wow!! What an amazing outfit!! I look the look of the opaque black shiny pantyhose against the white coat … they make your perfect and beautiful legs look even more amazing!! Yum yum!!

  7. adam sheer | 26th Aug 14

    I just managed to get a brand new pair on Ebay from a woman who got them in Italy but didn't wear them, and only £20. a nice addition to my collection!

  8. Anonymous | 14th Sep 14

    I would like to make love to you

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