In White 2

Here are the rest of the set. Thanks for all the lovely comments! Today the weather is looking good and we are planning to go out and do new photos, can’t wait how they will turn out!
We have been thinking that this summer we would do something new. For example we were thinking about to do comparsin between sheer shiny pantyhose. Take 4-5 pairs of the shiniest pantyhose and make photos of them all in the same place at the same time to really show off the differences. How does something like that sound? And and what else, maybe comparison of control top pantyhose? Any other ideas?


















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  1. Ribbed Tights | 30th Mar 14

    Firstly, love the new pictures!! As I have said before, white pantyhose look awesome!! I especially like pictures 7 & 8, where the pantyhose are showing over the tops of Masha's short – very sexy! And also, picture 10 … Masha truely has a gorgeous bottom!!

    As for your ideas about comparisons of different pantyhose … fantastic!! Sexy pictures and consumer advice!! I think, any consumer advice about pantyhose would be fantastic!! Personally, I would quite like to hear your views and see pictures of different control top pantyhose!

  2. Buntster | 30th Mar 14

    Certainly one of my favorite sets! Thanks for the lovely pics!

  3. Thomas MagNylon | 30th Mar 14

    A wonderful idea, it's really great to narrow down the presentation to similar styles of hosiery, such that one can identify one's favorite (instead of getting an idea, what color might be good to a certain outfit).
    My favorite here btw is the penultimate picture. The Shine! The Waistband!!

  4. Anonymous | 31st Mar 14

    Great idea the comparison of pantyhose :)! sheer, shiny are the best

  5. Anonymous | 31st Mar 14

    Very good idea to do comparison between different shiny pantyhose !!!

  6. Leslie B | 2nd Apr 14

    good blog good pics and you're beautiful!

  7. перейти | 7th May 16

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    waiting for your further post thanks once again.

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