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Just got these edited so time to post again. This set we made last summer. There is a nice beautiful park near the church where we got married and we went there thinking that it would be a lovely place for a photo shoot. Weather was perfect and the sun was treating us with its presence. It was really quiet there so Masha slipped on her Wolford Satin Touch 20s in white on a bench. We were walking around and enjoying time together.
For some photos I used a flash so the exposure is not perfect and sometimes the focus a little bit off or I should have used smaller aperature. I guess when having such a sexy model posing infront of you, I kind of forget to check some stuff, haha. 🙂

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  1. 15Denier | 23rd Mar 14

    WOW WOW 0_0 Love seeing hose being slipped onto sexy legs..esp Mashas :p Hope you can find more quiet places to take similar pics!

  2. nottelling | 23rd Mar 14

    WOW Another Fantastic set THANK YOU for sharing

  3. Thomas MagNylon | 23rd Mar 14

    Great great great!

  4. phphotoau | 24th Mar 14

    wow, this is soooo gooood!!!
    i love white on you, please post the wedding one soon…

  5. Ribbed Tights | 25th Mar 14

    Brilliant set! Just like 'phphotoau', I love to see you (Masha) wearing white pantyhose!

    I have never seen a woman putting on (or taking off) pantyhose in public … very erotic!

    I especially love picture 7, looking down at your (Masha's) pretty feet in sheer white pantyhose! Really unusual shot, but very nice to look at!!

    • Thomas MagNylon | 25th Mar 14

      A good friend of my girlfriend doesn't mind doing that at all. I wonder however, if she still did, would she know about our special relationship with hosiery 😉

  6. Anonymous | 26th Mar 14

    trés jolies photos, j'adore votre site internet!
    Vivement la suite.

    Cesar un fan.

  7. Anonymous | 26th Mar 14

    Fantastic Photos, have just found your site and would love to keep in touch and send you pantyhose.
    Let me know? Janet xx

  8. Anonymous | 15th Jul 14


  9. rclosure | 20th Aug 14

    OH BOY…..

  10. Alan Jones | 27th Nov 15

    Fantastic white nylon feet!

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