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Here is our 2nd post for the day. It’s anniversary and we want to thank everyone for being with us within this time and sharing your opinions, thoughts, desiries and precious gifts. We appreciate them all! We also hope you enjoy our anniversary set and keep up with us <3.
Maria is wearing under Wolford Satin Touch 20s in gobi and on top pantyhose from H&M with the tiger on them.












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  1. Thomas MagNylon | 2nd Mar 14

    Awesome, a nice ending of this weekend. I hope there's many more anniversaries to celebrate! Was there any reason for the layering? I don't think I would've noticed it, if you hadn't mentioned

  2. 15Denier | 2nd Mar 14

    OMG! 0_0 Congrats on the first anniversary here 🙂

  3. Ribbed Tights | 3rd Mar 14

    Wow!! Looks like a celebration dress and celebration pantyhose! Beautiful!

    Like Thomas MagNylon, I don't think I would have noticed that you were layering if you had not said. Any special reason? However, the seamed black pantyhose look unbelievely sexy and smooth on top of the brilliant Wolford Satin. Great idea.

  4. | 3rd Mar 14

    You are so beautiful !!! I love your legs. I wish I could meet a girl like you one day…

  5. Anonymous | 7th Mar 14

    the first picture is simply amazing

  6. 陳真 | 2nd Mar 16

    Layered is sexy

  7. rclosure | 2nd Mar 16

    An oldie but goodie.

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